About us

The iBLOOM Beauty & Wellness Academy,


is a premium professional development organisation, focusing on refinement, prestige and leadership.  Through a combination of online and physical training when required, the academy provides on-going professional beauty education and transformation for qualified beauty professionals within our country. However, it also puts South Africa on the map, as the beauty and wellness training is available to professionals globally, via this digital platform.

Our overall vision for this Academy, will serve to elevate and empower our wonderful beauty and wellness professionals in South Africa, as well the industry, as a whole.

All of the training is headed up by Lisa Leibov, Director and Principal of the iBLOOM Beauty & Wellness Academy, with 24 years of specialised training experience, in combination with various affiliated training partners, who are subject matter experts with many years of experience, within their specific fields.


How to enrol on the digital iBLOOM Beauty & Wellness Academy


Contact [email protected]

or call Toll Free on 0861 11 22 22.


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